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    For Jim

    Wise women and philosophers tell us that the purpose of life is to find our essential self and live in it. We are called to honor the soul that knows our true name and tells us who we are. And they say we are required to use our unique medicine where we can to make life better.

    It is not an easy task. As humans we often get lost in the wear and tear of life and lose sight of that which is authentic about us. Those who are able to stay true to their sacred mission, no matter the hardships and challenges placed before them, walk on the earth as Mystics. Jim is a Mystic.

    He would have never claimed this for himself. And if in our encounters I would have spoken

    of him in this way. I imagine he would say, “Don’t lay that on me, find the mystic in you.” He would say this because he resists anyone seeing him as more extraordinary than they see

    their self. But it is how I came to know and treasure him.

    Jim discovered very early in his life what he was put here to do. And he was true to it. He lived courageously beyond the hardships and the wear and tear that life handed him. He is a peace maker and a justice seeker. Jim believes a connected humanity is the answer to much that ails us as human beings. And in his brief time with us he used his genius, his medicine to help connect us all.

    I have learned much from him in the short time I’ve come to know him. He is my friend and I am his. I am not ready to say good-by. It will take some time to internalize the idea that he is not on this side of the sky. So, for now I will say what I have said in his presence and out of it. You are loved.

  • commented 2018-12-01 10:51:17 -0500
    Ever since I learned about Nationbuilder 4 years ago, I knew it was going to be a powerful force for good, and has helped me immensely in shaping the vision of the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage. Now that I am creating the Livable Future Alliance, having Nationbulder as a platform gives me hope that we can unify like-minded people in Northwest Arkansas and eventually the whole world so that we can create a world where everyone can thrive.

    Although I did not know Jim personally, I feel thankful to him for his dedication, vision, talent, and love. I feel grateful to be part of an organization which has a leader who people seem to love so much, unlike many large corporations where the leaders, when they died, were shown to be people who did not care about the workers.

    An organization with a heart is what I want to support. Tears come to my eyes to think about Jim’s passing. Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to express our thanks. I believe that Jim must have empowered all of you to carry on in a way that reflects his values.
  • commented 2018-11-30 21:45:14 -0500
    My condolences to Jim’s family and Nation Builder team. I briefly met Jim back in 2012 and was immediately mesmerized and drawn to his vision. It truly is a very, very sad day for the internet world:( RIP JIm.
  • commented 2018-11-30 14:10:16 -0500
    Thoughts and prayers for the loved ones of Jim. RIP Jim from the Latino Equality Alliance family.
  • commented 2018-11-30 13:43:07 -0500
    Rest In Peace Jim! May God comfort your family through this difficult time.
  • commented 2018-11-30 05:38:07 -0500
    Jim understood my love for the internet in a way that few others do. I am so gutted that we no longer have his leadership and vision. Rest in power, Jim. #
  • commented 2018-11-30 04:16:39 -0500
    I am heartbroken at the news of Jim’s passing. I was told by co workers earlier today of his passing and I just …. stopped. I didn’t know Jim personally, I work in the building of Nation Builder’s downtown L.A. office. I speak with NB staff on the daily and I always ask about him. It truly hurts my heart that he and his brilliance and his heart are no longer physically here. He was always kind and spoke when he passed and we had a few short discussions. His kindness and his support will never be forgotten…. I think it was our first brief conversation where he said to me everyone’s contribution is important. I haven’t forgotten that and I have learned so much from focusing on those words. My heart goes out to all of his friends and family. He is no longer in pain and has been reunited with his mom. May he Rest in Peace and may all that have encountered him share the positivity, knowledge and love that he has bestowed upon them. I know I will.
  • commented 2018-11-30 03:04:06 -0500
    Such sad news – deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues. Grateful to be part of this global community of makers that Jim founded.
  • commented 2018-11-30 01:41:04 -0500
    i met jim only once at a friends party. i spoke with him about his work and walked away from that evening tremendously inspired to do something that mattered with my life. i still remember meeting him and being changed by that single meeting, though it was probably almost 10years ago now. very sad the world has lost such an amazing spirit. thank you jim for inspiring and changing those around you for the better.
  • commented 2018-11-29 23:50:17 -0500
    Jim made a difference in my life. As so many have said, some of that difference changed me for the good – some changes were harder to accept. But in all things, Jim was passion embodied.

    May we all do the good in the world Jim would have wanted to see. Remember the best of him. Forget the rest. Follow your passion. Live your life the best way you can.
  • commented 2018-11-29 21:24:02 -0500
    God Bless a great creator given to us to touch lives! May he R.I.P his legacy will forever carry on 🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝🌹💝
  • commented 2018-11-29 21:04:24 -0500
    I was reading an article about Jim on a plane to LA, as I was reading I knew somehow this man had a lung transplant like myself. I made contact with him and he met me while I was there. An extraordinary man with an incredible spirit. He gave me his book and I stayed up all night to read it completely that evening, it was inspiring.

    Thank you Jim, I’ll not forget having had the pleasure of meeting you.
  • commented 2018-11-29 19:51:09 -0500
    Jim’s dedication to people and community was clear from the moment we signed on with NB and we were honored for the opportunity to meet him. We remain grateful for the enormous gift of connectedness he has given us through the platform and inspired by the vision with which he led the NB family. On behalf of the Marsy’s Law For All team, we are sending our deepest condolences to the many who loved him.
  • commented 2018-11-29 18:07:31 -0500
    Glad to have met him. He truly touched the world in a way only few can.
  • commented 2018-11-29 16:03:55 -0500
    What a great asset the world has lost? Jim will be missed greatly but his efforts will forever remain with us. Rest in Peace Jim
  • commented 2018-11-29 14:53:10 -0500
    Didn’t know him but I hope that he is resting in peace.
  • commented 2018-11-29 14:44:11 -0500
    RIP Jim. I am sorry we never got to meet up. Let’s hope your dreams and aspirations live on.

    JL Mealer
  • commented 2018-11-29 13:56:53 -0500
    I’m saddened by the news of Jim’s passing. I worked as an Organizer at NationBuilder in 2015 and had a few brief interactions with Jim while there. What I remember most was speaking with him during my interview; it was relaxed, almost peaceful. It’s not common for a founder/executive to put a person at ease in an interview – let alone for him to want to meet with the recruits for entry-level positions – but that is exactly what Jim did. He made me feel comfortable to be and express myself around him. It’s no wonder that he built a company of great purpose, filled with great people. My thoughts are with Jim’s family, those nearest to him, and everyone in the NB community who is feeling this loss.
  • commented 2018-11-29 13:45:40 -0500
    Jim is an incredible person. A rock in the ocean. A bird in the sky. An example of a human being that gives hopes to the humanity for positive future.

    Let the stars shine upon you on your way up there above us, Big Dreamer, Big Doer, Big Brave Heart!
  • commented 2018-11-29 13:43:34 -0500
    Jim donated his platform to us when we were first getting our non-profit off the ground, even though Nation Builder was also just getting off the ground itself. A very thoughtful man driven to make a difference. Thankful for you, Jim.
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:54:38 -0500
    The challenge of writing anything about Jim is that there are no words that can accurately capture his story or the significance of what he spent his whole life trying to achieve. I know that well from my time at NationBuilder trying to do just that. Jim was the most vibrant, fascinating, creative, inspiring, challenging, and fearless person I’ve ever met and probably ever will meet. He pushed the boundaries of what is possible for someone to achieve in a human existence. At 18, his body started throwing curveballs at him that most people do not survive; but it only made him stronger and more determined.

    Jim had unbelievable conviction and belief in what he was trying to do. He did things differently. He took chances and he made hard decisions. He had to do things that way because he was trying to achieve something that most people never attempt – he was trying to change the world and he had to believe that he could do it.

    As many people have said, Jim was intimidating. That’s because you couldn’t hide with Jim. He had this way of cutting through the bullshit in any and every conversation that made you feel vulnerable. Jim didn’t have time for bullshit because he knew he was on borrowed time. And having faced death, he lived fearlessly.

    Jim challenged everyone that he came into contact with to think differently about the world and to question everything including their own limitations. Like many people, I had a complicated relationship with Jim. He gave me many opportunities to push myself and take on new challenges and I probably learned more in my time at NationBuilder than I have in any other job.

    One of my favorite things to do with Jim was brainstorm. I don’t consider myself to be the most creative person but Jim brought that side out of me. He had some insane ideas and he really pushed us to try to make them reality. I remember in one meeting brainstorming about a particularly off the wall event we were putting together, laughing as I watched a new employee’s face as they tried to comprehend bringing his crazy ideas to life.

    We talk a lot about leadership. Well, Jim was a true leader. He inspired people to adopt his mission as their own. But leaders are human. They have weaknesses and they make mistakes and he was no exception. But as a leader he also saw peoples’ potential and he knew how to get the best out of them and out of himself. There was no one that he pushed harder than himself. Physically he pushed himself through challenges that no other human being on earth would have been able to overcome.

    Now that Jim is gone, I hope that we can all honor him by being fearless, living like we’re on borrowed time, and believing in our own missions.
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:53:34 -0500
    God Bless Your Soul Jim, RIP!
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:41:01 -0500
    God Bless Your Soul Jim, RIP!

    Although, I did not know you personally and never met you in person you have my heartfelt blessings and my heart goes to your loved ones left behind!

    I opened several Premium accounts with Nation Builder different times within the last 10 years and paid a lot of money to the company for years , unfortunately, I was never delivered what I had paid for! I could never have a functioning and useful website! The Application never worked, or worked properly! All my money went done the drain! Even, when my domains were expired and no longer had the websites, I was continually charged and I’m still being charged monthly! I hope now that you have past, the ones who are left behind change the behaviour of the company and rectify all the wrongdoings in the Nation Builder! God Bless!
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:17:56 -0500
    Jim you will be greatly missed, but certainly not forgotten by very many people you have impacted their lives without knowing of whom I am one. Praying God’s comfort and strength to us all at this moment of grief knowing that you are resting with the Lord.
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:12:28 -0500
    Our condolences to Jim’s family, friends and colleagues, from the team at Right To Play UK
  • commented 2018-11-29 12:03:44 -0500
    NationBuilder has been an amazing company for me! My campaign was truly blessed with your involvement! I will use you again this coming year. I will pray for your company and for the loss of Jim. God Bless you all.
  • commented 2018-11-29 11:15:57 -0500
    Jim was a friend and an inspiration. His passion to empower people to organise themselves and others around their ideals, lead him to create the tools which are now his legacy. I was lucky to be involved in the beginning of NationBuilder through Jim taking a chance with what we were doing at the SNP in Scotland, and I’m forever thankful for that. He was some guy; he will be missed, but not forgotten!
  • commented 2018-11-29 11:12:25 -0500
    Jim fue un promotor del trabajo en Red, de la generación de Comunidad y de los principios que las sociedades se construyen tejiendo redes.

    Gran visionario que lamentablemente perdemos.

    Descanse en paz.
  • commented 2018-11-29 11:07:27 -0500
    I met Jim at the 2011 Campaign Tech conference in DC, when we both received awards as Campaign Innovators. (You can see more on that here: http://archive.li/Q2SZj). Before then, I only knew of NationBuilder and Jim’s name attached to it, but little else. Jim and I sat next to each other at the long table where all the awardees sat during the portion of the conference when we were being presented with the award and providing a few minutes of remarks to the audience. Jim and I were near the far end of the setup and he was inquisitive, funny, warm and often saying things I didn’t quite understand – because they were visions beyond what my small city electoral politics experience would ever anticipate and because, I thought and believe, Jim was really smart. He impressed me then as warm and open. As Micah Sifry notes in his remembrance on Civicist, Jim had so many ideas – I remember thinking that as he detailed all he’d done and was hoping to do even in the 30-45 mins we chatted. He was a game changer indeed and gone far far too young. My deepest condolences to all those who cared for or about him.
  • commented 2018-11-29 10:19:04 -0500
    To The Family of Jim Gilliam,

    I offer my deepest condolences and sympathy for the loss of your loved one, Jim. There are many contributions and progressive technical inventions where Jim’s gifts and talents were used to help improve and ultimately change how thousands of folks all over this world managed their data and overall operations in numerous campaign, organization, government and business environments. I am grateful for his motivational training and support systems that personally helped me to run successful politcal campaigns. His purpose driven life will never be forgotten. May you always cherish the fond memories and great times that you shared with Jim. I pray that you will have peace and comfort during this period of bereavement. My hope is that you would continue his legacy by offering to help others seeking to embrace STEM and/or start a small business. Thank you for sending me an email that allowed for this awesome opportunity to share my appreciation and love for Jim.


    Kim H.