Jim Gilliam's Patriotism archives, 1999-2007

10.15.2006: Stick Magnetic Ribbons on your S.U.V. (3 comments)
07.23.2006: The Man Who Knew Too Much (2 comments)
06.12.2006: "wasting people's lives" (20 comments)
07.13.2005: Hating Valerie Plame: The New Right-Wing Sport (17 comments)
01.17.2004: Vanity Fair's profile on Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame (26 comments)
01.11.2004: A lesson for Powell
01.08.2004: Rummy declined Time's Person of the Year
07.05.2003: Patriotism, Treason, and Ignorance (5 comments)
05.19.2003: Hollywood Blacklist Redux
05.02.2003: The Broken Heart is New
03.19.2003: Germany 1933 = U.S. 2003
03.12.2003: Absinthe
02.28.2003: Flag on My Lapel
04.04.2002: What The American Flag Stands For

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