Jim Gilliam's Tragedy archives, 1999-2007

06.07.2006: It's not happening here... but it's happening now.
12.22.2005: Walking upstream (1 comments)
09.22.2005: October will be better. Right? (7 comments)
09.15.2005: Would you hire a plumber who doesn't believe in running water? (1 comments)
09.15.2005: Homeland Security Red Alert!
09.14.2005: Martin Luther King (34 comments)
09.10.2005: Valerie, Cindy, and Katrina
09.08.2005: There's gonna be hell to pay for the hell you made, Mr. President (34 comments)
09.07.2005: What led to Katrina?
08.31.2005: The Bigger Threat (12 comments)
01.13.2005: The Rice of Life (17 comments)
01.07.2005: Politicizing Tragedy (9 comments)
01.06.2005: Tsunami tragedy exposes Fox News' weakness (18 comments)
01.06.2005: Tom DeLay's wisdom in the wake of tragedy (10 comments)
09.22.2004: Ahh, the naivete of youth...
05.16.2004: Prison abuse came straight from Bush (9 comments)
05.16.2004: The Klebolds: Don't forgive us (8 comments)
05.09.2004: The pictures were part of the humiliation (1 comments)
05.07.2004: Iraqi blogger: We'll take our chances...Just GO! (10 comments)
05.06.2004: Lynndie England makes me wish there was a hell (45 comments)
04.20.2004: New insights into psyche of Columbine killers (4 comments)
04.13.2004: "cleansing" Iraq of "poison" (1 comments)
03.17.2004: Cheney speaking during coverage of Baghdad hotel bombing (2 comments)
03.03.2004: Iraq's 9/11. How will they respond?
05.05.2003: The True Measure of Brilliance: Empty Pockets
05.01.2003: The truth of 9/11 is hidden under a Bush
03.19.2003: You Just Can't Imagine It
10.18.2002: Bali Tragedy
09.11.2002: If you're even thinking about
09.09.2002: The forbidden thoughts of 9/11
03.17.2002: Rejecting Decreases Self Control
10.23.2001: Motivation
09.11.2001: Quiet, Unyielding Anger
12.23.1999: Andy Kaufman died of cancer

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