Jim Gilliam's Lawsuits archives, 1999-2007

07.13.2006: Frist, do no harm (4 comments)
01.30.2006: Cloture vote right now
01.26.2006: The Young Turks are filibustering for a filibuster of Alito (31 comments)
10.22.2004: O'Sexxxy: Watch Bill Spin! (6 comments)
10.04.2004: You Must Comply.
08.30.2004: Operation Sibyl: the Plaza Hotel (9 comments)
08.27.2004: The Internet vs. the Lawyers (1 comments)
08.11.2004: "sensational debut" (1 comments)
07.11.2004: FOX: "People steal our footage all the time" (4 comments)
02.06.2004: Could we make it any easier for Bush? (4 comments)
01.29.2004: How costly are medical malpractice lawsuits to the economy? (4 comments)
06.11.2003: Gilmore v. Ashcroft
04.09.2003: Philip Morris Owns America
04.07.2003: Racist Past of the Fluor Corporation
04.01.2003: Smoking Ban Reduces Heart Attacks
04.01.2003: The Fight to Control Your Mind
10.04.2002: Get Rich Quick
09.19.2002: 10,000 Lawsuits
03.27.2002: Google and Scientology drama
03.23.2002: $150 million
04.21.2000: Scare off the Venture Capitalists

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